The Jae Family Series


The Jae family series starts in rural South Otago, New Zealand, in the 1980s with Jeff and Evelyn, their story is produced in a series of short stories released in alternation with the full-length novels featuring their six children thirty years later. Consider it a flashback revealing the past that built this family. Each book is able to stand alone, however, the full effect of the story works best if read in order.

The rural township of Kiwi Falls is inspired by the landscape of East Taieri just south of Dunedin. It is, however, completely fictional and has no basis in any real town. Real landmarks are blended into the fictional landscape to anchor the township, but Kiwi Falls and its characters are entirely fictional. Carol was inspired by the flat farming landscape that stretched out until halted by the 900-meter-high hill called Maungatua. To the south, the peaceful shores of Lake Waihola offered further inspiration with its marshes and wildlife.


A murdered mother, an accused father, a broken woman, and a son seeking justice.

Jeff Jae is drawn home by heartbreak, prepared to defend his father at all costs. ​

Evelyn Miller suffers in silence, seeking comfort from the only couple who know her secret; now one is dead and the other is threatened – their only hope is the son who left them behind.​

Can Jeff save them all, and will he forgive Evelyn for her silence?


Glitz, Glamour, and Deadly Decisions. Every decision has a consequence.  Some can be deadly…

Lily Cartwright has been trained to obey and protect her criminal father, but deep inside, her anger grows. The chains of duty shatter when she learns of her father’s plans to marry her to a sociopathic killer. Now she must decide just how far she’s willing to go for freedom and justice. 

Jason Jae protects life; he instinctively steps up to save an abused waitress in a high-end night club, unaware her father controls the local crime syndicate and she’s in far more danger than meets the eye. In a fleeting moment, they see through the glamour and form a connection they cannot break, unleashing a storm of desires.

The last thing Jason’s family expects is for the quiet conservationist to protect a dangerous criminal runaway. Now Jason has to convince everyone, including Lily, that she’s worth saving. But can he do it before the death toll rises? 

In Progress

Flight and Fight

Private pain, sinister secrets
The past that makes us, can also break us

Caleb Jae’s aviation dream crashed with the death of his best friend and co-pilot, now his orphaned godson is the only reason he perseveres.

Vanessa’s running from a past determined to silence her. A mechanical genius, her life revolves around engines and flight. Jae Aviation offers the anonymity her secrets require for survival.​

Caleb’s playboy act fools the world and is the polar opposite of anything Vanessa would ever look for. Distracted by inner turmoil, they never see the danger until it’s too late. Now their enemies are closing in with sinister intent and survival means making choices they never thought they’d have to make.

Stolen by Night

Internal turmoil, external threats, kidnapped children​
At war with themselves, and with unseen danger, can they work together?​

Overprotective James Jae medically discharged from a highly classified investigative team and abandoned by his ex-fiance, now works as a private detective. Ridged control keeps a fierce volcano of emotions contained within.​

Sixteen-year-old adopted daughter Alice Jae is determined to use her newfound safety and position to help those that don’t have a voice.​

Quiet and conserved, Myra Hanan is a school counselor who really cares about her kids. She struggles to provide for her three children and harbors the pain of abandonment.​

Seventeen-year-old Darrell Hanan is used to working hard and going unseen, except now he’s in love with the mysterious Alice.​

James doesn’t have time for mousy women, he has a kid to find. Alice is intrigued by Darrell, but she has a past he doesn’t know about. Myra’s already been beaten down by one rich powerful man, she isn’t prepared to take orders from another. Darrell knows his mum has her pride, except now their family is in danger and her pride threatens their lives in a deadly game of revenge as coldly calculated moves funnel the unsuspecting families towards something far worse than death.

Take Down Review by Robyn
5.0 out of 5 stars Absorbing!

Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2020Verified Purchase
Once I started reading, I struggled to put it down. In any spare moment I wanted to read more. I felt connected to the story as a fellow New Zealander which was a new and thrilling experience to me. I felt the depth of emotions, resilliance and perseverance of the characters while they also maintain their morals in harmony with nature. Can’t wait to read more!!!”

HeartBeat Review by JCFantasy
5.0 out of 5 stars An action-packed short story
Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2019Verified Purchase
A really good story … high action, lots of emotion, tension and romance. Heartbeat starts with a bar fight and doesn’t let up till the last page. Often in short stories it can be difficult to give a complete story but the author manages it here. We get a sense of the main characters’ pasts and the shadow it has cast over them both. “

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